Supply chain and other woes

We only thought we were immune from supply chain problems since we have our books printed in the USA. We were wrong. We gave our printer the go-ahead for reprinting six books back in mid-December, 2021. Normally it takes about four weeks for them to get the synthetic paper from the mill. This time it's taking three months. Books that we expected to have by February aren't going to be in our hands until mid-April. In the meantime, we've run out of four titles (not including the Salt guidebook, which is another story described below) and will probably run out of at least one more.

As for the Salt, we recently sold the last of our stock, and we do not plan to have this book available for the 2022 boating season. First, this isn't looking like it's going to be a very good season for the Salt due to poor snow conditions. More importantly, flash floods in 2021 caused two tributaries at Horseshoe Bend (mile 39) to dump a huge amount of debris in the river channel, completely damming it and forcing the river to flow through a thicket of tamarisk. It's not clear what the river is going to look like once the water comes up and remodels the new debris dams, but that's not likely to happen this year. We hope to get on the river this spring in inflatable kayaks to take a look. In any event, we plan to make whatever updates to the book are needed before reprinting later this summer. We expect to have it available again in late 2022.

If you need a copy of any of the books we're out of, please check with one of the retailers on our river links page.

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