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Gourmet Camping Cuisine

Menus for rafting, canoeing, camping, and RVers

by Marilynn Murphey Machin

Gourmet Camping Cuisine not only has incredible food but is also a time saver and helper. It does not matter whether you are an expert or novice boater, camper, or RVer: we all like to eat well on our outdoor trips. This book was developed with rafting or canoeing trips in mind, but is suitable for any outdoor trip or in your own home. Want to do it like the pros? Read on.

This book makes it easy for those of you who work and do not have time to organize or plan menus. Unlike other cookbooks, this book is not a simple listing of recipes. It has fully planned out menus. This includes multiple, complete breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus for trips of various lengths up to 18 days. It will give you step by step instructions on what to do at home and on your trip for each menu. These are more on the gourmet side for people who like to eat well. If you want hardtack, tuna glop, and beanie weenies, you’re out of luck.

Delicious, well planned and prepared food seems always to bring out a festive mood in people, especially on river trips. And it also allows more time for hiking, reading, or just laying around camp enjoying the company of your friends or the scenery.

Copyright 2006

Size:  8"w x 10"h, coil binding so that recipes lay flat

224 text pages, plus many other pages with color photographs and cartoon illustrations.

Menus:  30 complete B-L-D menus with 234 recipes

Price: $26.95

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